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Doubts About Rapid Fat Loss – And What To Do About Them

Unsurprisingly, after Antonia’s great success on the Rapid Fat Loss Diet, lots of other people are interested in joining the fun too. After all, she did manage to lose 12 lbs in 2 weeks! But, as is often the way when we see someone succeed doing something that we would like to do, doubts set in.


This is the normal human response to anything, especially in the fat loss world. You see it on shows like “The Biggest Loser”, when the formerly fat contestant goes home and everyone still doesn’t believe it’s possible. Or they don’t think they can do it without help. Or they think that one person had iron willpower, and they don’t have it themselves. We like to talk ourselves out of action. I talked about this in the post about excuses, and want to expand on it today.


Why do we do this? Because of inertia. In psychology, as in physics, a body will continue to do whatever it has been doing unless a force is applied to change its direction. You need to consciously and actively take control of your own body weight, and by applying a large force such as this Rapid Fat Loss Diet you will see a large change in your own fat loss direction.


Doubts About Rapid Fat Loss: Answered

“I’ll be Too Hungry On this Diet!”

Obviously the first doubt is whether it’s possible without feeling hungry all the time. The whole point in this diet is that you’ll be eating a really low amount of calories, but at the same time you won’t be hungry. How is this possible? Because the high meat content of the diet, coupled with the fibrous vegetables and fasting will make it very very difficult to even eat all your meals. This sort of food stays in your stomach for a long time for digestion, and it has been scientifically proven that protein is more satiating than any other macronutrient. From the study:

 Studies comparing ad libitun high protein diets to high carbohydrate diets have usually shown greater weight loss on the high protein pattern and that enhanced satiety was the most important factor in the weight loss.

In English: When people are allowed to either eat as much protein as they like on a diet, OR as much carbohydrate as they like on a diet, those eating the high protein buffet have shown greater weight loss, and this is mostly due to the fact that protein fills you up.


In Antonia’s own words:

I guess when you eat things that fill you and keep you full longer it’s a sinch :o )


“I Can’t Do This Diet Because I Can’t Get My Head Around Eating Meat First Thing!”

This is another common issue that people have with the Rapid Fat Loss Diet here. Because the only allowed foods are meat and vegetables (even egg yolks are out, and egg white omelettes suck), people are concerned that they won’t be able to do it because they can’t face eating meat in the morning. Let’s look at that.


If I served you up a plate of bacon and sausage for breakfast, you probably wouldn’t bat an eyelid. If I served you up some smoked fish – maybe smoked salmon, or a kipper – you probably wouldn’t bat an eyelid either (some people hate smoked fish and would refuse to eat it, but you probably get where I’m going with this). Steak and Eggs is a common breakfast dish in the USA… etc etc. Pretty much everywhere you go around the world, common breakfasts include a source of protein, and the best source of protein is an animal source. All you need to do is change the type of side dish you’re having with it.


Secondly, I recommend Intermittent Fasting as a method to get the most out of this diet. Not only during the 2 weeks you’re on the Rapid Fat Loss approach, but also in the future – for long term weight management it is an excellent choice, especially as it costs nothing (actually costs you less) and is a simple way to reduce calorie consumption. If you follow this as laid out you’ll end up eating your last meal around 8pm, then fasting (nothing but tea, coffee and water) through until around midday the following day. So you won’t even be eating meat in the morning – just consider your first meal of the day your lunch.


In Antonia’s own words:

 Try it…. I would have only coffee in the morning cause I can’t do meat in the am either! Also, intermittent fasting helps this along, so I would eat dinner late (done at 8 ) and not eat again until 1130ish. Which goes against all we’ve been taught till now right? But you need to read Neil’s facts for all this… It’s crazy! And it worked so I’m sold :)


“I Don’t Have The Willpower To Do This”

This objection I like – because it’s honest and it addresses a real problem. Willpower is one of the things that kills every diet. The reason those boring calorie counting diets don’t work is that we hate counting calories. It’s dull. It’s time consuming. And at every single food option we face through the entire day, we have to exercise our willpower NOT to eat the stuff we want. And that sucks.


The first thing to mention on this is that Antonia didn’t read this book and then immediately set about implementing the dietary approach herself. She took it in stages, and she took her time “getting her head right” before the diet started. Part of this was due to vacations and the Holiday Season, but it is a sensible thing to do. Read and re-read the details of the diet. Understand what you can eat. Grab the fish oils, calcium pills and vitamin D supplements that will help you achieve this (and are generally good things to consume day-to-day anyway). And go shopping to stock up the fridge and the larder with the sort of foods you can eat whilst you’re losing fat fast. Prepare your family and friends for this – choose a time to start that is convenient for you, when you know there won’t be any work functions or nights out partying to screw with your plans. And if there aren’t any convenient times, start anyway and bluster through.


If You Don’t Try You Won’t Know

Ultimately I can’t convince you that you’ll make it to the end of the diet. You need to do that for yourself. But if you can’t manage to control what you eat for a measly two weeks, how the hell do you think you’re ever going to get control over your weight and your waistline in the future? If you quit before you’ve even begun then you’re setting yourself up for failure now and in the future.


Start by trying out Intermittent Fasting. Give it a go for a few days this week, and see how you get on. You’ll notice that you’re hungry around the time you normally eat breakfast (because hunger is a learned emotion), but that this fades once you grab a hot drink. It will also peak again a few hours later. During the fast you’ll probably be more productive and more focused than normal anyway – because of higher catchecholamine levels (an alertness hormone that also helps mobilise the stubborn fat – and is one of the reasons Antonia lost her fat from the normally difficult areas like the hips and waist). Just be sure to eat your normal lunch (no over-compensating) and see how you get on.


This diet is free – you’ve not had to pay for a book or a class or an instructor. So put it to the test. See how you like eating meat in the morning. See how easy fasting is as a lifestyle choice. See for yourself that you too can lose a lot of fat in no time at all. Please – don’t give up before you’ve even started. If you do that, you’ll stay fat forever.


Got Other Doubts About Rapid Fat Loss? Leave them in the comment section below…

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